Short and Not Too Sweet

Twitter rises in political campaign arsenal While billions of dollars were being spent by politicians to get elected in 2016, a cheap, 140-character phenomenon became the mightiest tool on President-elect Trump’s workbench leading up to the national election. What’s most notable about the Twitter tactic? It works, and it’s really cost-free. Actually, there’s zero cost […]


Fake news: How disinformation works

Ask the Russians or any other country Fake news. Is that like true facts? Some people will argue that using “fake” with “news” is redundant. Others, thankfully, still believe that news gathering is a tried-and-true, fact-based profession. But, alas, here comes the internet, where anyone can dump anything onto a website, blog, message board, Facebook […]


How Can So Many Experts Be So Wrong?

If you were a betting person, you could have placed a safe bet on Hillary to beat Donald. Well, that is if you believe the oddsmakers. You would have been wrong, but not alone. Almost everybody was wrong, and that’s alarming. This isn’t a blog about politics. This is a blog about quantitative data and […]