Short and Not Too Sweet

Twitter rises in political campaign arsenal While billions of dollars were being spent by politicians to get elected in 2016, a cheap, 140-character phenomenon became the mightiest tool on President-elect Trump’s workbench leading up to the national election. What’s most notable about the Twitter tactic? It works, and it’s really cost-free. Actually, there’s zero cost […]

Social Media Create Work for Crisis PR

When we saw the digital revolution coming and the newspaper titled “Demise” being delivered to our doorstep, I knew those of us in public relations were in trouble. How wrong I was. After all, spinmeisters were highly dependent upon the working press to navigate a crisis. We knew the deadlines and the proper pathways to […]


You really cannot control them. They are as common as dandelions in the spring. Viral videos have become a game changer in the world of public relations, message management and crisis response. But just because there’s a video, purportedly displaying undeniable evidence, that doesn’t mean you have the full story. We’ve all had clients whose […]